LUMINOUS STREETS opened on Saturday, 8 April 2017

500 participants,

600 artworks,

over 800 light sources,

300 batteries,

and a whole lot of electrical wiring.

Luminous Streets was WONDERFUL. Thank you to all the artists who created the galleries, all the participants who made artworks within them and all the hundreds of people who came out to see it all. 


FIVE GALLERIES - one in each town - SWITCHED ON FROM 6.30pm with food, entertainment and connecting buses and then were illuminated for five subsequent nights from sunset for people to explore.

Luminous Streets emerged from a vibrant process where children and community constructed light based sculptures and installations using reclaimed plastics and self constructed light electrics. The sculptures and installations contributed to a series of outdoor light galleries in the water’s edge parks of the Waterline towns. The installations were placed in trees, in the ground, in the water, and on existing structures, and responded to the unique identity of each town. Audiences explored the different towns and enjoyed the quiet splendor of each community’s offering in a series of nights with a difference.



PIONEER BAY: Jessica Wilson with the help of community members Sandra Hart and Zena Benbow.

GRANTVILLE: Andreas Diesner

TENBY POINT: Jeannie Haughton with the help of a number of key residents

CORINELLA: Lisa Burrell with the help of Lyndell Parker

CORONET BAY: Mary Sullivan with the help of various residents.