The Edge of Us proposes the installation and activation of LUMINOUS GALLERIES.  The project involves the installation of clusters of permanent lights in some of the parks of the Waterline towns. Like ‘stars in the ground’, the lights will be configured as constellations which represent the shape that the 5 towns makes along the edge of the Bay. Each set of five lights will be oriented accurately and the same in each town.  The five lights will be set amongst other lights so that the town constellation can be picked out just as we pick out constellations in the night sky.

The creation of this town shaped constellation is inspired by local indigenous tradition of navigating the stars using story and song. With Indigenous artist, Steve Parker, we propose this new constellation that can be used to orient oneself to the position of the neighboring towns and encourage a journey to another towns light gallery.

Luminous Galleries aims to illuminate the public spaces of the Waterline towns in order to build evening visitation and greater community interaction. The principal community building benefit, inspired by the success of the Luminous Streets, is the drawing of people out from their homes and together into the parks of the Waterline, as well as encouraging people to visit the other towns.

Each of the ‘stars’ of the Luminous Galleries will be made up of a single 8w dimmable LED up-light, surrounded by a sprinkling of photo luminescent pebbles that is bedded into the surface of the concrete. The effect will be that of one large soft round light in among a circle of small twinkling lights (the pebbles will independently recharge their light from the sun). Each pad will be flat and will sit flush in a bed of grantic sand and will feature a number of tie-down points and spigots to enable easy securing points for any artworks.

The galleries will serve as a canvas onto which artists and community can construct luminous artworks to make an ever-changing night time art space. When there is no exhibit, the lights will be permanently dimmed to 1w so children’s eyes will be safe if glancing into the light source.

The Luminous Gallery project will be launched with a 5 month program of temporary sculptures, stimulated by a program offering grants from $300 to $1200 to residents of the five towns. The process is designed to inspire people as to what is possible on a small budget and support residents to use the lights on a continual basis.

The locations of the light clusters are still to be approved by various parties. Tenby Point will not have permanent lights and will instead hold a winter solstice luminous streets event on Sat 23 June, 2018. 






Considering different locations and configurations for the Luminous Gallery light pads.

Considering different locations and configurations for the Luminous Gallery light pads.